Why is Foot Pain Important?

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Why do I have Foot Pain?

That is a great question. The answer is almost always because your SHOES are inadequate. Reasons are qualified by FIT, SUPPORT, STYLE, STRUCTURE, SHAPE and YOUR DESIRE to change your shoe buying HABITS. In today’s world, most shoes are purchased from self-service shoe stores or poor service shoe stores. Most foot misshaping, such as bunions, Taylor Bunions, hammer-toes and other distorted shapes of feet, usually are because of habitually buying incorrectly fitted footwear. In most cases, I find that it’s because of short wide-fitting of their footwear. I have had many clients wearing shoes that were too wide and too short. Example: wearing size 9 ½ D when the correct fit would be 11 B. Can you imagine the pain that those shoes caused? Two major conditions of foot problems that could occur even when wearing correctly fitting footwear are PLANTAR FACCIITIS and HAMMER TOES. We find that 95% of clients with those conditions will reverse the problem provided they comply with using footwear and our orthotics designed for those problems.

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