Patent leather shoes can be stretched, allowing them to rest more comfortably on your feet. Find out how to stretch patent leather shoes with help from a shoe repair expert in this free video clip.

Video Transcript below..

Hello, my name is Tony Jones, and I work here in Jensen Shoes in Nashville.

Today, we are going to go over stretching some patent leather shoes, okay?

I’ve got a pair of patent leather shoes here.

There is a shoe stretch spray out there you don’t want to use on your patent leather shoes at all.

We have a little stretcher here; it’s what we have many, many of these here at work.

Basically, this thing turns to open up and turns to close.

So, we want it all the way together, and you just easily insert it to the shoe.

You want to make sure it’s not touching anything when you turn, especially ’cause sometimes this is really high here.

You don’t want that to touch when you turn it right here to open it up. And it’s going to open it up like this.

And you’ve got to be careful, especially with the sole part, ’cause if you stretch it too much, this is going to pop apart.

Okay, catch, you can actually see start to opening it up right here. It’s called a shoe stretcher.

And you definitely want to keep it like this for about 24 hours at least, ’cause if you only leave it there five to 10 minutes, you pop it like this it’s going to pop back.

You, everybody seen that somebody like bigger than you or has bigger feet than you, going there, wear your shoes for a minute and all of a sudden they’re stretched out.

This is kind of what the same thing is, except we are using a piece of material, piece of board here to do it for you.

And this is basically how we stretch patent leather shoes.

This video is provided without warranty or guarantee that you will be able to successfully stretch patent leather shoes at home.  Tony is extremely professional and experienced with leather shoe repair.  If in doubt or you do not have the tools or experience we have – we are happy to help you at the store.  Don’t forget to bring your shoes!