jensen-shoes-orthopedic-shoesJensen Shoes carries a broad range
of orthopedic footwear. We are able to
address the needs of most types of foot
problems with our expertise in matching
custom shoe inserts with shoes to fit
individual feet.  Both of your feet are
different.  Your shoes should support each
foot uniquely.
We specialize in reducing pain caused
by many issues including: bunions, hammertoes
and plantar fasciitis.

Feet and Footwear Affect Life

All feet are different, even your left and right are always different. The reasons are many. I will cover the most common ones. Many of the reasons are from genetics, which include prenatal positioning, flexibility, basic shape, arch height and many other factors to complicated to mention; however, the shoes that they grow up in and wear during their life span will be the most determining factor, along with the correct support that will determine the positive or negative factors in ambulation.

For growing children, I have found that if the feet are fit correctly (meaning shape is correct and controlled in the heel and waist of the foot) they will have the best opportunity to develop correctly. Some children’s feet are so flexible that support will be needed to control them so their foot development will have possibility for improvement. In some cases of extreme flexibility, continued soft, but controlling support will give them the best chance for improvement. It is imperative that the support will control both the medial and lateral movement of the feet. The feet respond to shoes and correct environment very similar to personal development of correct environment in education as well as family life. Bottom line…children need to wear correctly shaped shoes, along with support, properly fit and laced shoes for 90% of the time. In the past twenty or so years I have seen parents letting young children and teenagers wear lace-up and athletic footwear never correctly tying the shoes. This habit is contributing to underdevelopment of their feet, just like slip-on footwear. Keep in mind that children’s feet are always growing, so it doesn’t matter how a slip-on pair fits, it won’t support or fit correctly for any long period of time. During a child’s first years (1 till 5) most will need to be fitted with approx 3 pairs of new shoes annually. It is imperative to find a store with knowledge and adequate footwear to give them the best chance to eliminate early problems.

How shoes are designed, fitted and supported affect performance in athletics. Please keep in mind our feet and ability to achieve almost any athletic activity will be determined with speed, change of direction, ability to jump and affect the stress on joints and muscles. Jensen Shoes is currently serving many athletes, including: professional, college, high school, grade school athletes and of course adults, with Custom Molded Orthotics. The most common problems for active adults including Athletes are Pronation both mild and severe, Plantar Fasciitis, Metarsalgia, Heel spurs, Bunions and Hammer toes. We have been able to improve most of these conditions through the application of proper Orthotics and adequate footwear, provided compliance is followed.

All about Athletes’ Foot Issues that affect Performance!

Who needs to understand these ties to performance

and how to reduce injuries?

The athletes themselves, parents, coaches, trainers, athletic directors, runners, walkers…anyone who has a desire to excel in the world of sports.

The list of different problems that cause poor performance and pain are the following:

1) Incorrect fitting shoes
2) Shoes without structure and that do not match the needs for the specific sport
3) Pronation (we can correct by using effective orthotics, which also would increase speed and reduce stress on the knees, hips and back)
4) Plantar Fasciitis (preventable/reversible by wearing effective orthotics)
5) Turf-toe (quite common with many high-profile and successful athletes). It is very simple to eliminate, if compliance is followed
6) Bone spurs and calluses (correct fit and correct orthotics will eliminate).
7) Fracture on the 5th metatarsal shaft (correct orthotics will speed recovery).
8) Bunions and Hammer-toes (develop from poor fit and lack of support).

A few of the mentioned conditions will occur in a perfect shoe environment world; however, in most cases, we can eliminate the condition happening or speed the recovery.

Jensen Shoes has worked with many professional, college, high school and grade school runners and walkers.

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