Finally Shoes Custom
Fitted to the Unique
Size and Shape of Your Feet

Jensen Comfort Shoes is your custom fitting shoe store.  Wearing a new pair of Jensen Comfort Shoes does more than feel good.  Jensen’s orthotics are designed to hold the foot in what Jensen calls “the neutral position,” neither pronated nor supinated. “The magic inside our orthotics is they have enough medial and lateral control to hold the foot in the neutral position.”  Over time wearing Jensen Comfort Shoes aids in the correction of your foot and support structures without the need for damaging invasive surgery and continual life long pain!  If you are faced with pain in your feet, legs or back – you owe it to yourself to take us up on your complimentary feet examination.

We are ready to schedule your appointment with a Professional Examination and instantly experience the difference at Jensen Comfort Shoes.  Your feet will thank you for it.


Expert Quality Shoe Repair

A full service repair workshop is located inside Jensen Comfort Shoes!  Our shoe repair technician uses “old school” methods which are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. There are No short-cuts when your a perfectionist therefore none are ever taken. We also specialize in adding braces and alter shoes to fit the specific needs of our clients requiring special attention.  Our shop also specialize in Build-ups, wedges, and all types of modifications are available.